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Located in Upstate New York, in the historic town of Richfield Springs, the Shypski family farm was established in 1953, as a dairy. In 1985, our father, planted a crop of pumpkins, purely as a hobby, to compliment his sweet corn business. In 1987, he sold the cattle and focused on crop farming with hay and pumpkins as the primary crops. Always looking for another seed to plant, greenhouses were put up, flowers started blooming and were then sold at retail.

As we took on lives of our own away from the family farm, we still had the love of farming lingering in our blood. We continue to gather at the farm in the spring to prepare the fields and start the seeds in the greenhouses. Around Memorial Day the pumpkin plants are planted in the fields where we will help Mother Nature nurture them until fall. This year we will have over 30,000 plants covering a total of 20 acres.

The Cullen Pumpkin Farm will welcome the fall season with a variety of pumpkins. We invite you to come and choose your perfect pumpkin from our displays or enjoy the ever popular “pick your own” from the thousands in the fields.

To aid you in your fall decorating we also will be offering a variety of gourds, squash, corn stalks, sunflowers and bales of straw.

See you in the fall!

Tom, Richard and John Shypski


From Seed to Pumpkin

     1.png              2.png             3.png 

Rocks are removed from the field before last years crops are plowed under.  The fields are plowed over and over again to make sure all the clumps are broken down and the fields are smooth.  

     4.png            5.png           6.png    

Field preparation continues.  May rains can delay field preparation and planting.   

7.png  8.png  9.png

 In May pumpkins, squash and gourds are started in the greenhouse.  


     10.png    11.png    12.png     13.png

 In June the seedlings are transported to the field to be planted.  Over 25,000 seedlings are planted in the groud during the first week of June.  In just a few short days 14 acres of pumpkins, squash and gourds are planted!  In July the plants are bushed out.  


14.png    15.png    16.png

Forty beehives are located on the farm so there are plenty of bees around to pollinate the pumpkin.

17.png     18.png    19.png

By the end of July, with a good amount of rain, the pumpkin plants will have grown substantially!  The rain came just when needed making for a great growing season.  It won't be long until this pumpkin turns orange! This variety is called Long Island Cheese.


20.png   screen-shot-2016-07-13-at-5.34.43-pm.png    22.png

Even after then turn orange some pumpkins will continue to grow!  In September we will begin filling wholesale orders with the farm opening shortly after that for pick your own!


23.png    24.png

A couple bins of our wholesale orders! 


Proud members of the American Gourd Society and the NY State Gourd Society.